31 March, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

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So, I just got back from fencing (duh...where else would I be right before a huge paper is due?). Life is not going smoothly, but my fencing class is :-) Today I had 4 new kids: two 9 year olds, a 45 year old, and a 60 year old. Tell me that's not a difficult class to teach. It wasn't difficult. I had a lot of fun. I'm still exhausted and have a huge list of papers to write, homework to do, sleep to get...wait, who am I trying to kid? April Fool's is tomorrow! Speaking of which, this was a great AF joke.

Good-ish news! Whatever my health problem is, they Docs have ruled out my gallbladder. Fat has reentered my diet. Normally I prefer healthy foods, but to celebrate I got a cheeseburger with everything on it at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries. Talk about grease. The thing was a veritable ball of a sandwich...so much was in that bun...*sigh* (Note: I am not endorsing greasy food or a gluttonous lifestyle.) BUT on Sunday morning Mr. Pierson asked those who wanted healing (physical or spiritual) to come forward for prayer...and since then I have had discomfort but no pain. I'm supposed to get an appointment with a gastrointerologist (hopefully not next year), which may get me closer to some sort of a solution for the problem. But thank God that I'm not in pain!


[Insert Name Here] said...

So um, thanks for reminding me that its april fool's day... Today is marked by research for my big paper and preparation for a music lesson tonight. My mind was completely absorbed in those things and I almost would have missed out on remembering to make sure someone else remembers that its April Fools Day by doing something stupid/funny at least once ;-)

much happiness on your lack of pain!

The Stranger said...


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

"knock knock"
"who's there"
"what's 'updog?'"
"Nothing much, how are you?"
...there. Cheesy joke of the day.

Hi "V"!

a said...
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Laedelas Greenleaf said...
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a said...

Okay ELF, have it your way! But please remember, not everything is as good as Burger King