12 December, 2007

If This Doesn't Make Sense, It's Vincent's Fault...

I've come to the sudden conclusion that it's hard to be idealistic about one's work. If I went into an art field, it would have something to do with the visual arts, but I've been afraid to follow this path because I'm idealistic about what and how I would create art. And yet, I love music but don't claim to be a musician. I am an instrumentalist, yes. I know how to play the violin and can produce good notes (with exception, of course). But I don't know music, and cannot produce good original music (I may be able to jam, but only because I've studied Sevcek's variations). So it's much easier to be idealistic about the kind of music I enjoy than the kind of art I create. After all, if my next meal would depend on the the shape of pot I throw, I'd certainly throw something that would sell, not necessarily the shape I want to throw (though hopefully I'd get to do that, too). There are careers to which this doesn't apply. I hope CPAs aren't not idealistic about their work...the idea is to have integrity, after all.

I love studying the interaction between the visual and the auditory art spheres.


[Insert Name Here] said...

Ideally, what you desire to throw/create in any sphere of art ends up being that same something that would sell. That requires, I'm thinking, to either replicate something already selling, or upon trial and error discover something that others desire to replicate...

Makes sense to me =)

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yeah, it's the trial & error stuff that has me wondering how and if I could be a financially independent artist. Van Gogh eventually found success, but not after years of being dependent on his brother. Oh, and the stress made him kill himself a few years after achieving something that others wanted to buy and replicate. Not so good. He even said himself that he sold his soul for the sake of his art (or something like that. I've been awake for 24 hours...I can't think of details).

Nice word verification.

a said...

Wait a minute. When you throw a pot, it breaks... :-)

pOp! said...

I deal in words and drawings. I tend to be idealistic about both the technical meaning conveyed as well as the beauty & style by which I describe that information. I could, and often want to, primp and polish forever. But there comes a time when enough is enough and it must go out the door. And people pay me for my efforts - both the form and the function together. But mostly because the form is functional, and less because the function has beautiful form (but that counts also).

I love you!


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