28 May, 2007

Monday AM

Family Group

Meditating on John 15:1-17


  1. Pray and read
  2. Write down thoughts that capture my attention
    1. Once, I was God’s servant, but now I am a close friend of his son Jesus (v. 15)
    2. “Abide” synonyms: dwell, live, spend time with, exist, hang out with. Antonym: Shun.
    3. V. 8--”Prove to be my disciples” I am not just named a follower of Christ, but a friend
  3. What does this passage...
    1. ...say about God?
      1. God is the vinedresser--he knkows what’s beneficial and has a clear vision of the future and cares for his vines (v. 1, 2, 9)
    2. ...say about me?
      1. I am clean! (v. 3)
      2. I am a friend of God (v. 14-15)
      3. I was chosen (v.16)
    3. ...say about my need for a Savior?
      1. If I didn’t bear fruit I’d be a goner. But I can’t bear fruit on my own--the vinedresser prunes so I am able
    4. ...tell me to do/not do?
      1. I should:
        1. bear fruit
        2. abide in God
        3. love others
      2. I shouldn’t:
        1. not abide in God

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