29 October, 2006


Last weekend was amazing. In many ways.

On Friday I took my cousins to the Science Center and we ran around and had fun. The guy who took us through the subway saw the 3 of us coming, and asked "do you have a chaperone?"
"Yep! That's me!" I say, trying not to sound dubious.
"Oh. How old are you?"
"I'm 21." responds I, starting to wonder.
"Hm. Uh, OK."
My cousin pipes up, "how old do you think she is?"
I cringe.
"Um, around 14 I would have guessed," he responds. Heh!
Later on, I dropped something on the bus, and a man hands it to my other cousin. "Here, I think your mom dropped this." Oh dear! A 14-year-old mother of two! Who are in their double-digits!! Hahahahahaaa...

On Saturday Dan, Katie and I went to a symphonic concert featuring Richard Strauss' Don Quixote and De Falla's Master Peter’s Puppet Show which is apparently a scene from the story of Don Quixote. Dan was the only one who had read the book, so he probably enjoyed it more than Katie and I, but I still really, really enjoyed it. The best part of the puppet show was the little kid who announced what was going to happen in the next puppet scene...he was a life-sized puppet who was controlled by someone who sat on a rolling stool. One hand controlled the puppet's mouth, one hand was the puppet's hand, and both feet were the puppet's feet. He was so adorable!!

On Sunday I had my first latte...it was a caramel latte at Eat'n'Park. I added sugar, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible for me to drink it. Dan finished it for me...I think it's the last latte I have for the forseeable future. The flavor wasn't too bad, but there was way too much sugar in there, and I don't like caffeine anyway. My pastor began a series on Heaven, and here follows the summary: He preached on 1 Peter 1:3-9.

  • When you can't see your goal, it is so easy to give up. But since we don't know where the "finish line" is, then we must press on, believing that God will sustain us until we reach it.
  • Why keep an eye on eternity?
    • The result is inexpressible joy
  • Trials come to test my faith and it may be hard to see the end result, but RESIST TEMPTATION and inexpressible joy will come by remembering eternity.
  • The outcome of my faith is the salvation of my soul.
  • God does the action in these verses: keeping, guarding, etc.
  • 3 truths to focus on:
  1. God caused me to be born again
    1. Treasure the work Christ has done
    2. Ephesians 2:5 plus a whole list of verses I missed...something in II Corinthians and Matthew 11...or maybe it was Matthew 16
      1. God is doing all the work here!
      2. How did Peter answer Jesus' question "Who do you say I am?" Remember Jesus' response-Peter's knowledge was not of his own doing
  2. verse 4-God is keeping an inheritance for me
    1. What do I see in the future? Is heaven good?
  3. I didn't write this one down.....I must have left...?
  • At this point I had an idea for a dance that might be applicable to the series, having to do with personal devotions being a taste of heaven. I mentioned it to Mr. Pierson and we'll see if the idea goes anywhere. I'm glad I mentioned it, even if we never dance the piece.


Clear Ambassador said...

Go to Starbucks and get a decaf tall latte, no flavor shots, no sugar, no nothing. It's so good! A genuinely good product, and ultimately that's why Starbucks is in business. Regular tastes a bit better, but the caffeine is killer.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Next time I go to Starbucks and a friend gets a latte, I'll taste it.

A report on next weekend is upcoming...

Randy Very Jealously Zinged Up

Rebecca said...

No! Not Starbucks! Dome down here and try the Drip. Or stay up there and go to whatever your favorite privately owned, non-chain coffee place is. Just not Starbucks. And go read about the coffee industry and fair trade and then taste the difference.
Speaking of issues....we never did have that chat abut why you are part of the facebook group 'protect our borders' or whatever its called.
Right...HS 201 awaits me.


"Friends Dont Let Friend Drink Starbucks"

Rebecca said...

Come....not dome....Ergh