25 October, 2006

Christian Art

Why does it seem that Christian art must be separate from "normal" art? I've found a model for my artistic ideals in the man named Makoto Fujimura. Of course, I realize he's human, and therefore fallible. But I wanted to point out what he is doing with his art and encourage others to look for the same. If his name sounds familiar, that's because WORLD magazine voted him as "Daniel of the Year" in 2005.


Rebecca said...

Maybe because the majority of Christian artists that the majority of the Christian community likes haven't fully grasped the meaning of art? Somehow, it seems that if the label 'Christian' is attached to art, then it is required to be watered down, shallow, and so obviously christian that it is painful. Think Christian novels with the requisite paragraph straight from a tract - enough to make a christian gag and a non christian, if they've read that far, to throw the book in the nearest trash. Prehaps if Christian artists realized that their art should be christian as their lives are - obviously set apart, different, humble, but shining through with a glory that is a reflection of God. Not because they tried hard to fit it in, not because there is symbolism, or a gosple presentation, or badly written lyrics that talk about God, but because there is no way for them to create art without the glory of God shining through. That is why it is so set apart in a bad, stigmatized way,

But have you ever thought that it should be set apart? Just as we are to be set apart. We are not of this world and so our art should not be of this world.
Befrore you complain too much abour Christian art being set apart from 'normal' art, though, think on art history. At one time, nearly all art of Christian. Not sure if you remember the Louvre or not, you were rather jet lagged and we only stayed two hours (still mad about that, by the way...) but the majority of the works there had a religious theme - and that didn't make them bad.
Okay, el fin.

And I'm not sure if I'm now 'publishing' this a 2nd time, or something went wrong the first time....

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Was it really only 2 hours? It seemed like at least 1/2 a day...but I do remember the marble statues and Charlemagne's sword and chess set. I wish Christians would fully embrace art as they used to, and become the innovators of the artistic world. The Bible has many stories that cover all sorts of emotions and settings...but in America, if it doesn't have a perfect happy ending then it must not Christian. I mean, God obviously will solve all of our problems before we reach heaven, right? Rrrrghh. I want to produce art that makes Christians uncomfortable in their wealthy lives and challenges them to change. I've studied Van Gogh and his testimony really surprised me in a good way...I want to be like him.

-Someone who cuts out undesireable words on movies so the soundtrack flows better