09 October, 2006

Sunday Summary (and Friday, and Saturday...)

Today was wonderful. My church, Providence, celebrated 10 Years of Grace. The years have truly been full of providential grace.

I spent 7.7 hours at church today. Well, I came home for a few minutes to bake ziti. Other than that, I set up sound, put Niara to sleep (Iysha's 8-month-old niece), sang, prayed, ate, laughed, made plans, cried, laughed more, ate a little more, etc.

Today was everything I could ask for. One of my friends had said, "I hear you born-again Christians party pretty hard," and he was right. We don't need to pretend that no one's watching while we're singing, 'cos we know that everyone else is (or should be) worshipping too. We eat like no one's business, and we have the talent to create food worth eating. We laugh out loud and love making others laugh.

There were quite a few people there who aren't regular attenders, and their presence was such a blessing. Rachel, the Mordens, the Grovers...a lot of other people...the Praters weren't there, but I'm sure they had a good reason.

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