08 June, 2006

Things That Go "Bump" In The Night

Yes, it is almost 5 AM on Thursday. No, I haven't slept since 9:30 this morning. Am I crazy? Yes. But, it's weird--the last few times I've stayed up this late I get shaky and my muscles burn and ache and cramp. Nothing...but I did get a cardio workout, I suppose.

I bought Frank Peretti's Monster earlier today on a whim (and a big discount) at the Family Christian Store. I didn't feel tired at 11, so I lounged in bed, listening to The Fray, a band my brother just put on my iTunes. Not bad, not bad. But THEN I had to notice this huge, juicy Peretti novel, thick and unexplored. Ohhhh boyoboyoboy. I'm listening to The Fray for the 9th time, and haven't really absorbed any of the songs. However, I have been caught up in the story of Beck, Reed, and a family of mutant monsters.

I'm still excited about it. How am I going to face the 10.5 hour work day tomorrow? I don't know, but Peretti is the best storyteller alive. I'm dead serious. :-P Dead theology dudes are all good and well, and I'm not saying Peretti has a stellar theology, but his writing packs a punch that (sorry) Jonathan Edwards just doesn't do for me. Maybe some day, but right now Peretti has absolute control of my emotions. Isn't that scary? But, hey, I'm not scared! My faith has matured so much since I read Piercing the Darkness that I'm no longer scared when I put down his book. I can't stop reading...but that's another matter for another time.

*sigh* It's positively dreamy...

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