06 April, 2006

God Has Smiled On Me

Here I review Thursday in detail, sorta. I had this amazing sense of God's grace all week, and named these senses "Smile" moments, because I felt like God was smiling on me, and I could see that radiant, mind blowing smile in my mind's eye. So follows my accounts of these moments:

Thursday: I woke up.

Today had so many moments where I noticed God smiling on me. Out of 9 students, I was randomly chosen to do a presentation that went quite well for having 5 minutes to prepare for (not my fault...the professors designed it that way). I brought up a point in my SciFi class' discussion that made my teacher ecstatic. I unwillingly ended up at my kickboxing class, and got an awesome workout that seemed to flush my body of toxins left over from sickness. That feeling after good, hard excercise of elated relief is so undescribable and unique. Then I found out I could sleep standing up on the T and not drool or fall over, and that was definitely a "Smile" moment. I rushed around like a mad woman to find sustenance, then rushed off to fencing with my dear brother. I got to fencing, and I got to coach both epee and high school practice! Yesssssss.

I love coaching. It is probably the most favorite activity in my life right now. Why? I have authority over teenagers who are usually in a period of some sort of rebellion, and they respect me and my advice. It's so cool to walk past someone, and say "Tyler, you need to quit pulling your arm back after a lunge," and he gives me an intelligently remorseful look and makes an effor to change his technique for the better. Then I have to turn around and chastize a middle schooler by making her run, and she runs! It's such a sweet rush to point something out to a kid I care so much about and they respond by caring about my advice. And then I'm able to set an example for them by chatting about life and quashing team gossip and helping with homework and stuff. Such a unique figure for them. I love it.

Then I rode home with Chris, another coach, and he let me borrow "Ogre Tones" by King'sX. I listened to that album while preparing for Friday. What a day...

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