13 March, 2006


My maternal grandparents will be celebrating 50 years of union this year. As part of a scrapbook made for my grandparents, I was asked to write down my life's goals and a brief note for my grandparents. I don't think I've ever had very defined goals for my life (other than the ambiguous "serve God"), so this was really interesting. I've listed them in order of importance to me.

My Life’s Goals:
*That I might glorify God in all I do
*That, with God's grace, I might serve my family to the best of my ability.
*That my occupation might be an opportunity to evangelize the world with the gospel

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,
Thank you for the influence you have had on my life! Through the legacy you established in your family, you have given my mother godly principles that directly affects my development. You exemplify godly stewardship of time and money-- resources that my generation often devalues. You both have encouraged me to pursue the path that God has led me on, and given me resources that helped me to do his will. Thank you so much for your love and examples! I love you!

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