16 March, 2006

Being Sick (I can't stop thinking of Mistos...)

This is the second-worst experience I've had with downed biosystems. The first was getting whacked in the head and being unable to see for a few hours. This is much different.

My dad told me I have bears in my lungs. Nate told me I sounded like a man. My sister makes chocolate pudding for me. I haven't taken a shower in more than a week--baths only! (this part of being sick is not so bad. I love baths.) What does this mean?

My doctor tells me I have an acute upper respiratory infection, but she didn't get to hear the bears that Dad did. According to what I feel, I have something similar to bronchitis, a sore throat, an ear infection (recent development), and a sinus infection. Quadruple-whammy. Oh, and I've had recurring fevers all week. Today my core bodily temperature was 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the sore throat and ear infection, swallowing acidic or crunchy foods really hurts, so I've been living off of oatmeal, jello, pudding, and Italian ice. What I wouldn't give for a real Misto from Rita's...

It started on Wednesday. Sure, I was on Spring break, but even for breaks I rarely sleep in until 1 PM. 5 hours of work was very hard, even at a fun job, and I came home and dropped into bed. Thursday I woke up in severe pain and difficulty breathing. My temperature was 100.7 degrees. My condition varied from day to day (I even went to Mittelman's to share their lunch on Sunday), but it didn't go away. Normally I can kick bronchitis' butt in 3 or 4 days (a good weekend's worth of rest), but not this time. 7 days have passed since my first symptoms occurred, and they show no signs of retreat. I have missed all classes and both jobs this week. I will miss a trip to Philadelphia this weekend to visit family that I haven't seen for years.

Is there good news in all of this? Of course! God's grace has sustained me daily, and even when my body was racked with pain and the next breath seemed impossible, he has provided for my spiritual rest. Also, I discovered two things. The "Rocky" movies and Tylenol Sinus Severe. Thanks, Nate! We had to buy another box of TSS.

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