13 February, 2006

St. Valentine is no longer honored by the Catholic Church

Please beware, raw human emotion is being expressed in the form of letters...(Picture from Charlie O'Shields)

Cupid's poison has seeped from his arrow-tips into my blood. I cannot shake this feeling of desperate romance. How can I resist? Am I not human? I can but pace my floor and cry out for a distraction.

Can God be glorified in such tortured devotion as this? I try to rid myself of human essence so that I may uphold his honor and glory. Is it not all for him? But could he really ask me to deny who he made me to be?

Please understand, I am not trying to rebel against God's wonderful, perfect plan. The fact that I am struck with this need does not change anything about God. He is as amazing and all-knowing as he was the night that I wept because of his holiness. Here is another chance for me to humble myself and learn yet another aspect of his character. He meets all my needs or disproves them. This is my chance to learn how.

Oh, here they come
Though I'm not be afraid
There's no temptation
I can't evade...
I'm dead to sin like some kind of zombie...
I gave my life away.
(Audio Adrenaline, "Some Kind of Zombie")

God, I know that your grace is all-sufficient. Thank you for your amazing love! I know that I will never be alone or needy for ever because of you. Help me to rest in your grace and be patient until you reveal miracles that will cause me to worship you yet more. Show me how I might glorify you through this experience!


Clear Ambassador said...

Wow. I did not think those first two paragraphs were written by you! They sound more like quotes from Cyrano D'Bergerac or something.

"I can but pace my floor and cry for a distraction." That's good writing. But perhaps I think so because I've done almost the same thing, though for different reasons. Regardless, good job!

And yep, God works on us even through deeply hard, comfortless times. e.g. eternity...

So yeah, God's glory is bigger than our pain. But that glory is inexorably tied up with our LASTING, TRUE, SATISFYING good. Just look at Jesus Christ :-)

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yes, yes, thank you! That analogy between your struggles and mine helped. Also the cross :-)

Who's this Cyrano guy? I've heard of him, but never read his literature. Hey, I'll compliment your blogging more if you compliment mine! :-P

Clear Ambassador said...

Hm -- it's not a bad thing necessarily, but...I didn't mention the cross. I mentioned Jesus Christ. Beware of terminology taking the focus off of the Person. Jesus will be sitting at the right hand of God the Father, not the cross :-)

Um, *searching for more compliments*...your blogging is to quality like Ken's salsa is to storebought salsa. (Much hotter and runnier?? Hmm, this isn't working...) Oh well. Keep riting gud.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

True, you never said "cross," but it's hard to separate the name of Jesus Christ from his actions, and one in particular.

Huh, my blogging is hot and runny? Maybe I should change my background from green to red :-)