11 February, 2006

Beautiful Savior

It is amazing how God has designed the human mind. Knowing the unique situation and temptations that a specific friend is struggling with drove me to such deep worship on Thursday night. Praying for him and his circumstances led me to weeping, prostrate on my floor simply because God was holy. All thought was swept away except God's holiness. Time was no longer a consideration. Oh! Sweet, sweet moment. I hope more come, and that my friend will soon be able to experience such moments, as well. Now I begin to see the purpose of prayer. It is worship. I feel so selfish when I pray for this friend, because I remember that moment and am driven to seek more moments. Yet, I know that God's purpose will be served through all of it, and my friend will also be sanctified because of this process.

Does anyone know of good books about grace and the cross? I'd appreciate suggestions.


Nate said...
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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

My friend is a Catholic, so it seems he thinks that the cross will forgive original sin, but not for sin he commits after salvation.

He's having a hard time holding his perfect life together, so I mentioned grace. His reaction: "I know, I know! I keep trying." He seems to view grace as God's call for him to be superhuman, not God's forgiveness of his humanness. I'm looking for books that might apply to this sort of unbelief in particular.