30 December, 2005

Eisley again

Now that I own the album (much thanks do I extend to my brothers for their thoughtful gift), I'm able to analyze the songs a lot more (and understand the lyrics a bit better). "My Lovely" is one of the two 5-star songs of theirs that I have on iTunes. Why? Because it's a good song, silly! :-P

As I was listening/reading the lyrics thoroughly for the first time, I thought it was perhaps a song about waiting for "true love": "why do you wait for me/And how do you wait for me". As the song continued, I was astonished with the depth. "I'm lost and alone without you here by my side/Here's a song for you lovely/Remember that it is for you only, for you only." My definition of the "true love" in that song changed. I am indeed lost and alone without God's true love. And I should be astonished at how he waited for me and on me. The best of my tarnished love should be completely his.

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