28 December, 2005

Akron memories

Ok, I've posted the post I want to post about dance. However, since that post was half-scribbled out of hazy memory, I'm going to include the "fun" stuff here.

It was so fun to have an intelligent conversation with the girl in Caribou Coffee before we left (and we didn't talk about coffee!! It was Chai).

The ride there was full of music. Once we got there, I helped fold costumes and stuff. Blowtorching candles inside wine glasses was very...interesting. Mike comandeered his mother's Pyrex pie dish to melt the wax so we could get the candles to stick to the glass! (Then I started cleaning it around 12:30 AM on Sunday morning)

Speaking of the Hoffmans, they have a strange beagle. Oh, yeah, she's cute & all, but I felt like she was saying something when she looked at me. I suppose this is why girls use eyeliner. (Yes, the dog has eyeliner!!) AND they have a dance studio in their basement!!! A "Matley" rubber dance floor, barres, and a wall lined with mirrors...*gets tingly sensation in her fingers* it was really cool.

Wearing a rubber bug (walkie talkie) taped to my head was also cool, in its own way. If only the sound guys would have been wearing theirs...*sigh* :-P

And the dancers. I gave quite a few foot massages (& back rubs). Dancers' feet take a beating (& shoulders are just fun to relax). So, anyway, I was in the middle of massaging a friend's feet, when Mr. Hoffman radioed me and asked me to do something in the lighting booth. Forgetting that my friend couldn't hear, I promptly got up & left. Oops.

Reesie (my hostesses' dog) wanted to share my three couch cushions that constituted my bed. I insisted that they remain mine due to the cushions' narrow field, so the dog rested her head on my knee. Aww :-)

Getting sick to my stomach when I heard about the Hoffman's neighbors' escapade in the middle of the night really made me want to hole up & forget that I knew any guys. Talking about it on the way home helped me calm down, even though I really would have preferred a different topic. Thanks, John.

....aaaand arriving home at 2:30 AM. I hope the neighbors didn't think I was trying to sneak in after my curfew. 'Cos I honestly wasn't. But there was no way I could have gotten up at 6:45 AM to help with the church set-up. Still, I think the sacrifice was worth it!


Clear Ambassador said...

Brandy is trying to say something when she looks at you with those eyes: "FOOD! Feed me! I want food! Fooooooood" :-)

That dance studio doubles as a nice band practice room too...*Gets tingly sensation in fingers, arms, legs and feet*

*tsk* y'know, I heard those sound guys had more important things to do than put on little ear thingeys. *huff* :-D

Either you used hyperbole in your writing or you concealed your sick-to-the-stomachness well. Glad you were able to calm down, and glad you're not givin' up on us guys :-)

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Hmm, so what does your icon's eyes say, considering that the picture was taken in a restaurant? Oh, I know...MORE CVDP!!! Need...more....chrrrry vnilllla doktrr ppprrrrrr....

No, it wasn't hyperbole. And I haven't given up on grace, either :-)