03 October, 2005

life is like a pile of mucus and dust...

Never has this house seemed so small until my family is on the verge of buying one that is twice as large.

Never has this house seemed so large as when I see the refugees down South surviving in distraught conditions.

Never have I hated PCs as much as when the program fails 40 hours before it's due. *kicks pack of useless CDs*

Oh, take me away!
to a world of snowflakes
and stars
and frosty branches that snap sharply under my feet
Let's dance
in moonlight
on water
frozen water
toes twirling in snowflake dust
hands clasped, warming each other
floats on gentle wind
catching the moonlight
reflecting again
You play
I sing
our melody will wake the cold world
Our twain hearts
warmed within
in Winter

The Life that I claim in Christ has revived my soul to a point beyond reason or belief. It seems that I do not trust God, it is God who trusts that my human nature will turn to him again and again and beg for relief and mercy and forgiveness. Thank you, God, for this trust. May I never betray it and deceive myself into thinking that I no longer need you or that you can no longer provide. Thank you for the snowflakes in my mind.


uninhibited ever again might be said...

what a striking landscape.

I cannot wait for the snapping twigs and snowflake dust.

might be said...

When are you moving?

Bubs said...

in the last week of this month