01 October, 2005

ATTACK Theater :-D

Yessss! I won two free tickets to the newest performance by Attack Theater. It's called "Games of Steel," and like almost every Attack Theater dance, no one really knows how to describe it, so I'm expecting to be very pleasantly suprised. I went to their performance of Igor Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Tale," and it was SUPERB. But, anyway, GoS has been described to me as somewhat like "Survivor" only not, if that's helpful. Here's a website (sorry for the lack of linkage) http://www.attacktheatre.com/hot/houston.html

BUT ANYWAY. The point of this post. I dunno if any of you out there are dance aficionados in disguise, but I'm looking for someone to come with me and use up that extra ticket. If anyone knows of someone else who would love to go hear live music and watch amazing dancing, LET ME KNOW!! And if I find someone to use the extra ticket, then other tix are only $10.

Guys, if you'd like to come, great, but be forewarned that most dances I've seen in Pittsburgh involve quite a bit of immodesty. I don't know about this company (nothing remarkable was in "A Soldier's Tale"), and it depends on what you can handle, but just a warning.


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

I FORGOT...the tickets are for October 7th at 8 PM. Dinner could definitely be part of the deal, but no hookah bars please :-P

Suave Stranger said...

I will go with you dear one.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Who is this..."suave stranger?" Could I possibly be of any relation? 'Cos I know a guy who's pretty related to me and he could easily be called 'strange & stranger..." somewhat similar names..