22 September, 2005

George Bush doesn't like black people????

OK, guys, you can accuse the President of a lot of things, but NOT for being racist against African Americans. The Democrats give us all this jaw about affirmative action, and why can't we get along, and minorities are underrepresented, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I could debate any one of those points. But what have the Democrats done to promote minorities in offices of leadership? Other than a few local-government examples, few Democrat minorities have attained political offices. And yet, our REPUBLICAN President (who's more concerned with what the Executive Branch should be doing--i.e. protecting the country) has put two African Americans in high, nationally recognized positions that are also important positions of advisement. Hmm. Actions speak louder than words.

I am praying for all y'all hurricane victims down there, y'hear?

Condoleeza Rice, if you run for presidency, I will wear your t-shirts!! I will hand out your buttons!! I think you're great!! :-P

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