05 September, 2005

Debt is looming...

...but somehow, it also is an investment. My parents have put an offer on a house not too far away from our present location...and their offer was accepted. Now we gotta iron out the details, pack, say goodbye to all our old friends & get their mailing addresses, and travel the long road (it's >1 mi.). I have a feeling that switching rooms with my sister 2 weeks ago was a rather fruitless venture, since I'm going to be moving again in less than a month.

So...my feelings on this...I haven't seen the inside of the house yet, but I have driven past twice. It looks nice, and my parents tell me that it's bigger than our present house. There are things I will miss about this house (the park, the stream, the neighbors, the close proximity to public transportation, etc.), but there are substitutes at the new house (a half-empty graveyard for frisbee :-)...also it's really close to the high school ). At this point, I waver between being excited and not really caring or unsure.

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