06 September, 2005

Art...and its form in movement

Yes, I am speaking of dance. This article that I found on a really good blog made me think about it.


I thank God every time I think of dancing that I met Mrs. Hoffman and heard of her wonderful dance ministry. For years I have carried around an ideal inside my head of what a dance MINISTRY looks like, and not just a dance company that calls itself christian because the dancers wear (mostly) modest clothing. Mrs. Hoffman has showed me that this ideal is possible, though it's a difficult balance and many people often reject it.

I pray that, should I start or lead a dance ministry some day, I would be able to balance the technical details needed for excellent art and the spiritual aspect that breathes meaning into the technicalities. To glorify God, one cannot exist without the other, and I need to learn how to communicate that ability to others.

I also pray that, for the same situation, people would be open to the idea of dancing as a form of glorifying God. I have seen God be glorified and use dance to minister in ways that no other art form could do. Dance has also been used to bring attention to the dancer, and this has evoked emotions that should never come out of dance meant to glorify God. Dance can evoke many powerful emotions in people, and sometimes its hard to know what exactly my audience will experience as a result of my dance.

Thank God for examples of how to glorify him, and encouragement to keep seeking the ideal.

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