14 August, 2005


Well! Life is beautiful. My (new and significantly smaller) bedroom is a pile of knicknacks that I had been too sensitive to throw away (they were gifts) as well as a bed. Hurray! I spent a lovely afternoon at the Household of Sames (it's a farm...Sunnyside Farms? I'm not sure). Ultimate Obstacle Course Frisbee...4-5 foot-high hay bales make the playing field quite interesting. As well as neighborhood dogs seeking attention. The Sames' pool was quite a refreshment, and getting up on a horse again felt good.

And then I spent the evening at the hospital. My dear younger brother snapped his second metacarpal near the carpometacarpal joint (i.e. 1st finger on the palm near the wrist). Though they will probably fix it without surgery, the extent of soft tissue damage is unknown. Boy, do those x-rays look interesting! Oh...and even more interesting news...his growth plates haven't fused yet...which means he's not done growing. Alas and alack! Imagine shopping for those boy's pants when he's 6'8"!!!

Yesterday (saturday) also proved interesting. I learned once again that nothing I do is on my own strength. Thank God for his amazing saving grace...I owe my life to the Giver of that grace.

Happy 23rd anniversary, dear parents! (not King Thranduil et al., but the real parents ;-) )

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