30 March, 2010

Staying At Home

My brother shared an interesting article from artofmanliness.com the other day. Most of the article has to do with social norms and one's response to them, but there was a parenthetical quote that caught my attention:

"People often talk about women being stay-at-home moms as the most natural thing, but there can hardly be anything more culturally unnatural than a woman, separated from family and friends, alone with her baby day after day."
Considering that perception of a "stay-at-home" mom, I think I'd flee motherhood, too! But "staying at home" while mothering is hardly confining oneself to Baby's sphere. I have yet to attain motherhood, but I did live with a stay-at-home mom (hi, Mom!), and I can assure you, she probably would have spent more time at home if she could have. Rather, she was herding her ducklings (four of them) around, to lessons and performances and museums and classes and relatives and friends, and generally doing anything she could to expand our world and benefit us. I want to be that kind of mom. I've confined myself to corporate schedules and locales before, and would much rather have the freedom of "home-bound" life. All this depends somewhat on my family's ability to live within our means, and the lion's share of that burden will, most likely, rest on the father. But, you know, he doesn't necessarily have to restrict himself to corporate
demands, if he builds his own business...

Disclaimer: The original article had nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with social norms. This phrase caught my attention because I am female and am drawn to feminine topics, not because I think the author was wrongly judging another's lifestyle. Please don't judge the website because of my analysis of one phrase :-) The little I've read seems intriguing and beneficial, it's just that I'm not a man, so I find it more amusing than otherwise.

Also, apologies for my lack of online presence. Jake, my trusted computer of five years, has a weak connection somewhere in his logic board. I'm looking for a replacement. Let me know if you want computer parts, and/or if you are selling a Macbook :-)


samurai said...

I resemble that label (being a man) ;)

When i think of a "stay-at-home" Mom i don't think of a woman who is locked away (so to speak), just spending time with baby all day long either. I very much see the same thing you described about your mother, and the kind hope to be as well.

My Beloved has also done this. Even in times when i was wanting to hunker down and just rest and withdraw, she encouraged us to get up and out. Go to museums, visit friends and family, etc.

The "stay-at-home" Mom does everything but... in my opinion. 8)

Good to see you blogging again Laedelas. May God's peace fill you each day. 8)

~ your kin in Christ

Josh Calvetti said...

I call dibs on the keyboard... :P

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Samurai! May Christ's peace rest upon you and your household as well.

iJosh, you got it (and a rubber foot)! But first, I gotta get a new computer so I can dump my old info on the new hard drive. Or maybe I should just use my parents' external drive...

Josh Calvetti said...

Yeah, Migration Assistant is a great tool. But I'm just now realizing- you may not be able to boot into target disk mode if it won't boot properly. Your better bet might be to take the drive out and use the IDE interface that Mike/Nate/I have/has.

azono- is that some new freak type of environmental problem?

Anonymous said...

So there is life after transmigration. Tis good to know.

Alas, poor Jake, I knew him well.

Jon Daley said...

I don't read all of the articles, and sometimes they get kind of long and tiring, but in general, I've liked the site (and now that the site is a customer of mine, I suppose I should plug it even more...) :)

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

iJosh, it'll boot, the graphics chip is the only thing I know of that's bad.

Dscapes, I miss the life I had in Flatland! See you in a week!

Jon, really?! Cool!