20 June, 2009

Story Of My Life

Ironic that a webzine called Boundless would publish an article on humans' limits. Regardless, it was a good article. It outlines one of the biggest aspects of my college education.


Breka said...

There's nothing wrong with realizing that humans have finite abilities and strength. Stopping is an important part of life. But there are two thoughts that came to mind when I read that article (and you should probably take them with a hefty grain of salt because I'm human and also bitter towards Christianity and also tend to be anti-boundless):

1 - Read some biographies of really amazing heros of the faith, missionaries in particular. Many, many of them beat their bodies and their health into the ground working and fighting for what they believed in. If Christians are really going to claim they are giving their lives to God, and if they are really going to claim that they are following His will, and that they are willing to loose their lives for Him? Then they have to be willing to loose sleep and health, too. So yes, by all means, take care of yourself. But modern Christians are too quick to point out personal insight and lessons as hard truth for everyone. Same with making 'rules' about living the Christian life. Sometimes, God giving you the strength to do what he has asked only means you'll complete it. It doesn't mean you'll be hale and hearty the whole way through. Which sort of leads me to my second point.

2-Maybe Christians shouldn't be trying to keep up with the world. I'm not convinced that when God tells Christian to be diligent he's talking about finishing school and having careers and paying the bills and living the American dream. I'm pretty certain that he isn't. Christians seem terrified of the thought that we might each have a personal path, a personal journey of faith. They seem terrified of the idea of really working out their salvation in fear and trembling. In fact, Christians seem mostly terrified of work, freedom, and personal faith in general.

But I've said enough, and more. This isn't a rant against you and the things you've learned. I think you know me well enough to know I'm all about stopping and taking life chill...

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Very good points, Breka. #2 totally resonates with my experience (though I did just finish college). It seems as though the few who are enabled to go above and beyond human effort are just that--enabled. By God's grace. David Barshinger seemed to be addressing those who try to get by on their own strength, ergo anxious people. I am often tempted to anxiety, and it was refreshing to remember that I cannot do anything apart from God's grace, and God doesn't always grant me grace to be super-human, as is the American Way. One reason why I like to hang out with you is because you are so chill. Thanks for the comment. We should chill some time soon :-)

Lisa said...

Personally, I don't do ANYTHING well when I don't get enough sleep. It's not a good idea for me. We ARE dependent on God, but we should be taking care of our bodies.

Thanks for the post!

Love, Lisa