11 September, 2008

Rock Climbing

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Today, I went top roping for the first time since I knew what I was doing (last time was at Ohiopyle with a dude in our church who took a bunch of us climbing. It took me 3 tries to climb 10 feet.). It was FUN! I tell ya, if everyone could find a means of exercise that made them this excited, there would be a lot less fat people in this world.

Adrenaline rushes are addicting. Dude, I thought jumping off the wall when bouldering (a 12 foot drop) was fun...try belaying off the top of a 30 foot wall! Also, every time I push myself to reach for something that I don't want to risk and/or don't think I can do, and make it, I get euphoric. Handel's Messiah plays in my head. Fun stuff. If only I had more endurance in my upper body!

(If you're wondering how I'm learning to climb, my school has a pretty nice wall that they use to teach classes. Yes, I'm getting college credit to learn how to climb stuff :-D )


Fuzzy said...

...and yet you always punked out whenever we went to Cooper's Rock, WV.

I see how it is. :-(

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

No, no nonono! I never went to Coopers Rock because 1) My parents wouldn't let me, or 2) I was running on 3 hours of sleep and desperately needed more. I wish I could have gone...some day...though you're in WY now, so what's the point? *sigh* Life is so complicated.

John Q said...

So check THIS out: