05 August, 2008

The Power of Words and The Wonder of God

I recently went to WorshipGod 08, which was the best conference I've been to in years. I hope to blog about that eventually...but, while I was there, they mentioned the Desiring God 08 conference, and I dearly want to go to that! Anyone want to come with me? I'd stay at the Minneapolis International Hostel, which is "for the budget traveler" (read: Cheap).

What a wonderful opportunity this would be for me as a linguist! What a wonderful opportunity for those of you who use language! Anyone else interested in going?


The Stranger said...

I want to go! But I can't because I have school responsibilities. T_T

MWBartko said...

i really would love to go lets make it happen.

Jason said...

One of these years I want to go to the DG conference. I don't know that this'll be the year, but it does sound very good.