21 June, 2008


...are we here?

This is the theme of YCo8. Please be praying for the activity of the Holy Spirit during camp! We're going to be delving into some serious stuff, which is great. Camp is generally the best part of my summer, and so many lives are impacted (just ask the guy who's my co-team-leader). I hear the messages are going to be online, if you're curious about listening to them. However, I highly suggest you visit in person. Camp is great.

(Inside joke. To be explained at a later date.)


iJosh said...

Indeed, the messages will actually be up this year (thanks to two iPod Nanos). It's gonna be fun!

You may paint better, but you got nothing on our web design & hosting.

The Stranger said...

SHANANAMAE! Fingerpaint? HA! You shall spend an entire day fingerpainting a masterpiece, only to have it trampled over by a herd of zebra!

Jason said...

I'm praying for you all.

BTW Stranger, I believe the plural of zebra is zebras.