07 May, 2008


I recently made some updates to the links I have on the sidebar of my blog, and I'd like to highlight them and why they're linked to my blog.

Da Ketter - I've known David Ketter for quite a while, and this blog is a collaborative work between him and several other godly young men. I've found lots of encouragement and challenging statements here.

Big Guy - New blog from a good friend who is dating a very close friend.

Melder of Words - Writer friend whose poetry I find stunning. Also, I enjoy his laugh.

Liberian Missionary - A friend who is evangelizing in Liberia with Samaritan's Purse. My prayers go with her!

Philly Teacher - The chronicles of a friend who is evangelizing and teaching in inner-city Philly.

Unconformed - the collaborative blog of several godly young women, one of whom I am privileged to call "friend."

[Former] Evil Editor - A "kindred spirit" who (I desperately hope) will be spending her summer with me. We have quite a colorful history together.

Boundless Webzine - This site is full of great perspectives on much that's relevant to my life.

Eco Geek . Org - Though it doesn't share my Christian perspective, this site is full of ways that I can preserve the earth God created, as well as cool tech projects that attempt to do the same.

Pray For Ian - I can't believe I didn't have this link up until now. A childhood friend of mine is dealing with serious brain damage after a car crash. Please pray for him.

The Uncultured Project - Rather than buying an Xbox 360, this grad student traveled to India to see what a difference his Xbox money could make. You think your little contribution won't help? IT WILL.

Good Bassist; Great Band - the blog of the bassist of my (current) favorite band, Mute Math.


The Stranger said...

Melder of words huh? Fantastic, my readership does need to expand some.

Jason said...

Very cool. I've been to... 4 of those blogs. They've all been good, so I'll have to check some of the others out.

But I know the why-haven't-I-been-linking-to-that- blog-because-I-read-it-all-the-time-anyway feeling.

Breka said...

I get a link, and the words 'desperately' and 'kindred' used in my description? I feel special. My only complaint is that the former in brackets makes it look as though I am no longer evil, when in fact, I'm simply no longer an editor. Evil [former] Editor may be closer to the truth.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Stranger: Cool. I hope it does.

Jason: Aren't you glad I posted again? :-P

Breka: If I take your advice, the [Former] will no longer apply to "Editor" either...

you guessed it said...

Why not just "Evil [former Editor]".

Wait, I don't need to ask that!