07 February, 2008

Late? Nahhh...

This was really good. I liked the verse from Proverbs that was quoted. A lot. Also, the author quoted Philippians, which reminded me of this recent sermon, which was also really good.

I complain most (I think) in competitive environments. Sometimes it's a way to apologize to someone for me losing or not having enough skill to be a challenge to them, which is stupid and I'll stop it when I notice it (God, could I get some help in this area? K thanks).

Where and when do you complain? Well, STOP IT! (with God's help, of course) :-P


a said...

Man, almost all your entries are posted between nine P.M. and four A.M. I pity you.

weird bananas dancing across loam

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Does this mean you stay up late just to read my posts? :-P (Obviously not...)

a said...

Umm, look at the light gray print beneath my comment. 4:23 PM. Point taken?