02 February, 2008

Dust To Dust

Today Fluffy was buried. Her grave is under my bedroom window, in memoriam of all the times when she'd sit on windowsills and watch my family. Her shroud is a soft blanket with angels on it--the blanket that Grandma Q gave me for Christmas. When she was covered up, I played May It Be (by Enya, on the LotR-FotR soundtrack). Emotions are complex.

Thanks, Dad, for burying Fluffy with me.


iJosh said...

"These tears we cry, are falling rain..."

Whoops, wrong song.

That's nice that she's under your window. Does she have a headstone of any sort?

a said...

Way to bring some more sorrowful spirit to the event, josh. May it Be is one of my favorite songs.

That's way too long

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Way to make me laugh about my cat's grave, guys. :-P

No, she has no headstone. Yet. I might find something eventually. Do you think I could find a ceramic cross at the thrift store?

a said...

Hey, sorry. I didn't mean too. What about "May It Be" is so funny?

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Didn't mean to make me laugh? Dude, it's cool. She was just a cat after all. I miss her, but I still like to laugh! I thought it was funny because I like Gollum's Song too, it just really didn't apply to burying a cat.