10 January, 2008

NYR Update

So, I go 8 days without buying anything brand new. That's pitiful. But I don't mind. The New Year's Resolution came with a caveat (which I didn't mention earlier) that guilt must be prevented at all costs--yes, even the cost of destroying the Resolution. So it's still on, I'm just not suffering from guilt :-P

I need some way to organize recently acquired academic materials, and the resources in my basement weren't sufficient. So I got an expandable folder with removable folders in each slot. This way I can fill it with lined paper (that I already have) and can order my notes and class handouts chronologically (which is hard to do with a spiral bound notebook and I never get around to hole-punching handouts for binders). Sweet! But I plan to use it for more than just this semester, 'cos plastic is a terrible thing to throw away.

By the way, the website says it fits about 20 sheets of paper per folder. The folders are small, but I'm going to fit lots more than that in there...trust me ;-)


[Insert Name Here] said...

so... the question on my mind is how did you acquire that lovely plastic folder thingy?

I thought of a question while buying a notebook this week- if notebooks and paper were not purchased new, where would one buy them or what would be used?

universally questioned, supposedly hardfast laws cajole yankees

Jon Daley said...

I guess I should have read all of the posts before commenting. I had left your first post around in my google reader until today...

[Insert Name Here] said...

hah. ya. I answered my own first question- you bought it.

...missed that beginning part of the post =P