27 January, 2008

My Professor Might Hate Me

Well, actually, the TA might. She's gonna be the one reading this ridiculous essay I have to hand in at 9 AM on Sunday. What kind of weird time is that? Even if it is a digital paper!

And I can't get the silly thing written. It's supposed to be relatively easy, but the topic is just too interesting and I keep obsessing over little things.

Oh how you enable me
I used to love you
But now I hate you
Please forgive my

~by Yours Truly
BUT, I've gotta finish it before 7. 'Cos I gotta get ready for church and be there by 7:30 ( ? Yeah, right. You Calvettis are probably laughing at that).

I don't think I'm going to sleep this weekend. Downer. I wonder what in the world I'm wearing to church tomorrow--er, today, rather.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm writing about essays concerning bilingualism and bilingual education. Black Vernacular English (Or African American Language, or Ebonics, or...pick your acronym) in particular, though I've also delved into Spanish, Gaelic, Welsh, and basically any indigenous language on the African continent. Quite fun, really...until you put a deadline on it.


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

PS: Know how elitist the French are about their language? (If you don't, and want to know, I can give you a first-hand account of their snobbiness.) WELL, I just found out it's part of their attitude as a nation...like, duh yeah, but I mean L'Académie française ENCOURAGES their citizens to spread the French language around, and speak it as often as possible. Even outside the country. Cool/weird/ok, I get why that kid in Paris really didn't want to talk to me.

I'm kinda glad our nation (not Mirkwood, silly...) doesn't have a group governing our language. That's just...I dunno...creepy. Although some would disagree with me.

iJosh said...

I'm not a big fan of Wikipedia either. There is no way I could EVER donate to them.

Hey, you were at our house by 7:39 or so. That's pretty good!

In your labels list, you have "Linguistics, School, Sleep". You should have "Lack of Sleep" instead of plain "Sleep".

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

My problem with Wikipedia is all the info I can get so easily. There are links galore, and so when I look up something as simple as a definition or a theory I've got WAY too much interesting stuff to read. 'Cos you gotta read about the history of the word, or the life of the theorist, or any other background tidbits...which lead to other tidbits...

But, yeah. Giving to them isn't on my to-do list :-P

Hmm..."Lack of Sleep" vs. "Sleep..." Lemme go look that up on Wikipedia...

Jason said...

Ah, yes. Wikipedia rabbit trails. Five minutes turns into forty-five so quickly.

Speaking of rabbit trails... it's interesting that Wikipedia is open-source, because Who-Knows-Who with Who-Knows-What experience could have written any article. Nonetheless, I feel confident that I can get more (i.e. true) facts from Wikipedia than from the supposedly expert and unbiased mainstream media.

Annie said...

yeah, definitely an interesting topic with LOTS of rabbit trails. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend "Word on the Street" by John McWhorter. It had a lot of interesting stuff about AAVE, pidgins and creoles, etc.