30 October, 2007

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival 2007

Long story + no time = very short post. These pictures are for Breka, my dear old Evil Editor, who has hacked her way through the Anti-Entering Authority to reach me.

Of course, anyone is welcome to enjoy them...

My amazing closet outfitted all three of us girls (and I was wondering what I had for a RenFest!), except for the brown velvet shirt. Fuzzy, if you wanna tell the story about those pants...go right ahead. You don't still have them, do you? :-P

Here I am, in greater detail (though I really should crop this picture). I loved this costume...it felt so comfortable and not too hot and (I thought) it looked fabulous. (Ignore the weird look on my face or the buttons that would never have adorned a lady from the Renaissance. Please?) It consisted of a humongous black skirt (from the thrift store--it was handmade, and I think it must have been for a theater production. The waist is high and small, and it's really long--even for me), a blue dress (which I made in high school), a black velvet vest (I called it a bodice...my Mom wore it in college), and black leather boots from my grandmother.


Breka said...

I feel so very special. It's lovely, dear, simply lovely. And I can't see the buttons at all. Nope. Not at all. buttons? What buttons.

Actually, I'm serious.

And now I must go back to cooking my vegetarian lasagna and oatmeal/wheat germ cookies.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Buttons? Did I say buttons? Pardon me...

Breka, I can hardly wait until we see each other again. Hopefully that will be soon. Oh, that reminds me...I shall e-mail you straightaway.