12 October, 2007

Art Store

Wow. I've been kicking around the idea of selling art online, but didn't know where. So I've also been kicking around the idea of starting an online business. Since then I've learned a lot about online businesses, but I don't know if my idea will work all that well...because I found my idea. It's called Etsy.com, and I love it. I may be putting my own stuff up there, but I found a cool bowl, the London skyline, an abstract painting, a sweet ring, ooh, and here's another, a leather journal, and--OH! Check out the sweet design on this search page! Cool place to get ideas and spend dough :-P I think I may try to get Laedelas' name there...

In other news, I just saw a sweet design for a dress. It was a satin...wrap, almost, with a tulle skirt underneath. The satin was a closely tailored, asymmetrical tunic, and the tulle was full and had sparkly stuff embroidered in it. Sweet!


[Insert Name Here] said...

Ah! Though I've never bought anything [as of yet] I love Etsy!

For Craftiness and Artsy ideas- check out Craftster.com. Etsy, Craftster and Wists are all in a nice little group in my mind.

I saw someone this week wearing a brown cotton skirt with tulle that could be seen on the bottom hem. Usually I dont like that look particularly, but the way this certain one was designed I did. It was clean and pleated and hung really nicely.

No link to a pik of the dress? :-[

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Well, here's the closest thing I could find on the internet:
although I would never wear that particular dress (it's strapless). I like it because it's full, but not obnoxiously full like those princess ballgown things that remind me of Disney.

How did you know about Etsy? I'll have to check out those other sites!

Annie said...
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[Insert Name Here] said...

I came across Craftster cantrememberhoworwhen. Etsy's quite popular on there...

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