27 May, 2007

Sunday PM

Al Mohler

  • Discernment =/= taste
  • 5 wrong ways of understanding culture:
    1. Jump in all at once
    2. Stay completely out of it
    3. Take a dip in culture when it’s convenient and assume we can emerge safely (*guilty!*)
    4. Taking a sip of another culture
    5. Don’t view another culture as if you’re looking at an aquarium
  • Matthew 22:23-34
    • Jesus’ reasoning astonished both plebeians and “learned” people
  • These great commandments tell us that every human being is my neighbor
  • We have a resposibility to show God’s love to our neighbors but we can’t do that if we don’t understand other cultures
  • God loves the variety in cultures and they’ll continue to be different in heaven
  • All cultures are marked with pride
  • Culture itself can become an idol
  • Sin and confusion become obvious in culture
  • Culture as a whole cannot be redeemed
  • “No place is home for us and every place is home for us”
  • No one’s going to look at what we did when the world is over
  • It is easy for Christians to be seduced by culture
  • Engage the culture for God’s glory!
  • We can never separate ourselves from culture
~Note to self--GO DO ART! ~
  • We do need detox from culture--thus Na and Sunday services

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