11 December, 2006

Thoughts before the show

Instead of typing one of 3 papers due tomorrow...two of which are rather large...I decided to write down just a few thoughts before the dance show happening this weekend.

I need to practice! I have a DVD that's essentially showing the part I'm playing, although I'll be putting some new "twists" on it, and I need to watch that as often as possible and practice the movements. Like...walking like a pregnant woman, looking for a place to stay, while in labor. Yeah...that'll be a new experience!

Stage butterflies are something to face before the show. I've learned to practice being nervous so I can practice being focused on why I'm doing this. Must work on being nervous :-P

What to focus on? THE GOSPEL. That's why I'm going and doing this, and people are working back stage for it. It's so easy to forget...yet so, SO central. God, help me to remember YOU during this, and devote every thought to you. May I appropriately model the character of Mary and convey her emotions effectivey so that I may glorify you.

1 comment:

Jason said...

Oooh, twists? Amen to your last paragraph. Perspective, perspective, perspective... why do we all find it so difficult?