25 September, 2006


OK, guys...whoever reads this page...anyone? :-)

The band Audio Adrenaline has had a large impact on me, both musically and spiritually. Their song "Big House" was the first christian rock song I can ever remember hearing (yes, before Petra...though I was a Petra fan first).

Guess what? THEY'RE ON A FAREWELL TOUR! They're breaking up! I'm so sad! But I also want to go to a concert REALLY, really bad. Bad enough to spend a good chunk of $$ on it. They'll be in a lot of cities around mine, but not mine itself. Check out the tour schedule. Does anyone want to go with me? Simply out of pity? Pleeeeeeaase?


Anonymous said...

I do read your blog. Well, sometimes I skim it, since I now have two boys to take care of.


Know many girls feeling utterly whitey yellow lately?

Anonymous said...

Oops that would be Heather D.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Heather! Does this mean you want to go to the concert with me? :-)

I read your blog, too. I want to be a lot like you when I grow up, so your blog is a good introduction to wife- and motherhood. Thanks for writing!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't really enjoy loud concerts (church is bad enough!) so I'll have to say no, not even out of pity.

Thank you.

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Haha! Oh, well...you're welcome.

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Clear Ambassador said...

"Church is bad enough."


I think heaven's going to be loud...loud like a concert where the subwoofers pound through your whole body...but you won't lose your hearing, it won't make your ears hurt, it won't be a sad attempt to escape the realities of life, and it won't be tainted with sex, drugs, rebellion or debauchery. It'll be loud like the sounds that make you realize there's something out there besides yourself that exists whether you think so or not...clear and powerful deep down. It won't all be loud, for sure, but there's a time for quiet, and there's a time to be rocked :-) I think there's a place in church to be rocked.

[sorry if this sounds accusatory or something. It's too late to fiddle with my wording. Good night.]

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

I love rocking my face off. But at the same time, I love the whole symphony thing, too. I guess it depends on my mood. At this point in my life I love loud stuff, but only if the dynamics are significant enough to warrant "loudness." Constant noise at any consistent decibel level is irritating.

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