17 May, 2006


Ever eaten nothing but fruit for a week? Neither have I. But I'm going to try to beat my old record of 4 days with no starch. My menu: Cranberry sauce, Mandarin slices, peach slices, bananas, oranges, apples, grape juice, apple juice, and random, indistinguishable frozen fruit pieces. I may cave and eat 1 granola bar after large meals, but only to neutralize the acidity of my stomach.

Why? I think the occasional purging diet has some "medicinal" benefits.

How long do you think I can last?

(this is a picture of a dragonfruit, by the way. They make really, really good juice)


Clear Ambassador said...

Um, what about tomatoes and cucumbers and avacados and corn and peas and bell peppers and squash and pumpkin? It would be a lot more healthy to include those in your diet along with all those sugary fruits. If you start to crave starch, fry up some un-brown plantains--they're exactly like potatoes. Avacados have fat in them too--really healthy fat. Did anybody know cucumbers are berries?

I think in the end I'd much rather go on a vegetable died that a fruit diet. Who could tire of sweet carrots and crisp celery and substantive, flavorful broccoli? (seriously)

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Alas, we have none of those items in the house!

A vegetable purging diet would be cool, too. Fruit diets have helped in the past, so I'm anticipating a similar benefit now. And, as for fat & starch, those are the exact things I'm trying to avoid. Fiber it is!!! *yuk*

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