21 April, 2006

Sovereign Grace Music

UGH! I've been listening to the collection of SGM I have in iTunes..."Songs for the Cross-Centered Life" is terrible! An example: "Wonderful Savior" has incredible lyrics, but the recorded version is SO BLAH. I wonder why. I know SG has a huge emphasis on theologically correct lyrics, and I have experienced incredible passion when worshiping with bands led by Bob Kauflin et al., but for some reason the recordings don't carry the passion.

"Awesome God" is probably my favorite SG album. Not my favorite worship album, but still a good one. "Your Love" and "Three in One" are my favorite songs from that album.

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Clear Ambassador said...

Yeah, SGM's cruddy recordings have been a plague. "Everlasting" is probably my favorite album--back when they had real guitar tones and some what life-like arrangements. "Your Love is Higher" is one of my favorite songs ever, worship or not.
Bob K's hymn project is also good. It took some time to grow on me, but now I like it pretty well.
And the last few days I've been listening to worship music purposefully at work to try to cultivate a better spirit through the day, and I got used to it, and don't mind quite as much. The spriritual benefits ended up outweighing my musical objections.

Oh, how I'd like to go take Steve Cook's place as producer for SGM Music!