27 February, 2006

Jurassic Park

Ensconced in a tropical beach, I breathed in the lush scents of the rainforest, leaning back against rough tree bark. A lizard, about a foot high, came into view. Curious, I looked up. It was strutting like a chicken on its hind legs, and chirping. Then I noticed the white sky fading into grey tree branches which faded into dull brown land. It was snowing. Gradually I felt the gentle ocean waves melt into the rocking of trolley wheels. Surprised, I felt the tree bark disappear and an upholstered metal chair materialized under me. I shook my head, almost disbelieving my senses, and bent down again. Closing my eyes, I cringed from the smell of alkaline dust, and awoke in a Montana desert, surrounded by Blackhawk teepees and a paleontological dig site.

I am disregarding the advice of a good friend, and reading "Jurassic Park" before I watch the movie. The first 40 pages are brilliant. We shall see how the book progresses.

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