05 January, 2006


If every class was as valuable as the class I just had, then I think my brain would explode. But, then again, I'd be having the time of my life. This Science Fiction course (cross-listed with a business class, "technofact and technofiction") is going to be the highlight of my semester, and I'm hoping that many blog posts will follow because of it :-P

Dr. Butler (which one? There are two, and they're married) has a huge, bushy beard that covers his shirt collar completely (can you guess which one it is now?). And he looks like John, turned into an Amish man...black slacks, a white shirt, a blue sweater, big glasses, etc. only with light brown hair. It's kinda scary.

John, I met a ChemE student in the class...his name started with J...he remembered you from early Engineering classes.


Clear Ambassador said...

Me turned into an Amish man?? Oy. Anyway, here's hoping your sci fi class is like my crit writ. Definitely looking forward to future posts that will demonstrate its purported value!

What did the J-dude ChemE look like? Nobody's coming to mind yet..

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

He looked a bit Mexican, and definitely was not from Pittsburgh. He's not on co-op...he had a hat with a brim (like a cowboy hat, but not really).

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

I found out on Tuesday that his name is Joe, and his last name begins with a C and is relatively long & hard to pronounce :-)

Clear Ambassador said...

Joe!! Joe is the coolest! Yeah, his last name's a beast. I love his hat...it's totally "Joe," IYKWIM. Makes me wish I was cool enough to swing a cowboy hat :-P

Tell 'im I said hey, aight?

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

dude, you're from the midwest! Of COURSE you could swing a cowboy hat & be cool enough! And, yes, Joe is a cool guy. I'm gonna see if I can rope him into haning out with the church people...he seems like he'd fit in :-P

I'm sure he'd say "hey" back, but I'll confirm that for you :-)