19 December, 2005

Wistful, wandering thoughts of a wayward mind trapped in Mrs. Claus' kitchen

Today I worked strictly with my hands for about 8 hours. It was a beautiful thing. After using my mind so much during the semester, it was quite a relief to use my hands productively and wander with my mind down tantalizing paths. My coworkers must have wondered why I was so quiet. It was pleasurable for the most part. Most of me now smells like icing. I forget what I thought about, but I was writing quite a long blog post in my mind. On recollecting a few fragments, some of it was too personal for this means of communication. I thought about the weekend. How dance affects me so much, and how the Christmas presentation brought me so close to tears several times. How I love to bless my friends by rubbing their feet or backs (feel free to ask for a massage any old time!). How, it seems, that certain friendships blossom into something beyond friendship. Can it be that I have brothers and sisters that my mother did not bear? These friendships I treasure, yet I also seem to hold at a knife's edge. I cannot get too close to my "girlfriends" lest they learn too much of my wild and crazy side that I'm embarrassed to show. I cannot get too close to my "guyfriends" lest it develop into something deeper than friendship (on my part) and I am hurt yet again by a rejection to an offer that was never presented. I love my friends. I hope that God will break my pride and allow me to grow closer yet to them.

In other news, I think I know what an Oompa Loompa feels like. The Bakery has gone crazy! Cakes and cookies everywhere..stacked like you wouldn't believe. An oven the size of my kitchen churning out delicacies constantly. I have made thousands (literally) of French Pastries today, and have put hundreds (literally) of brownies in hundreds of paper cups in pink trays. And there is more yet to come. If anyone goes to Bethel Bakery, get some wreath cookies! I think they're the best of the cheapest :-)

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