08 December, 2005

Thoughts from laedelas' living room

A congregation called "Campus Life" has descended upon my household. A cacophony of voices emanates from the living room. Loud conversations and laughter gradually change. An acoustic guitar is mixed into the noise. Soon, two guitars strike up a melody that is familiar to most, and they respond to the notes with singing. A male voice, obviously the leader, boldy sings while a female voice trails his with harmonies. Some sing in cadence and with good intonation. Some sing with rough voices and little musical talent. A few have changing voices common to high schoolers that crack with the key changes. The music dies down, and a thoughtful silence follows. An unnamed voice hollers, "welcome to Campus Life, everybody!" Cheers and claps ensue.

This astonishes me about teenagers. I am not too far removed from this age to understand their unique temptations, yet I also coach teenagers, and understand the difficulties of working with them. Though they're extremely sensitive to peer pressure, they sing heartily. Here, and at events like Youth Camp, I see teenagers worshiping God by singing, jumping, dancing, playing air guitar, etc. This amazes me. I know God's power is great, but to reach to teenagers and make them love him so much? God is great, and is worthy of great praise.

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