16 November, 2005


I just found out that Skillet will be playing at my university in May!!!!! Extreme excitement ensuing. Then, I found out that they're touring with Acquire the Fire, which I have heard of, but do not know anything specific about that ministry. So I checked out their website. And found out that tickets to the whole event (they don't sell tickets to the individual concerts) was over $45. Ouch. Could I volunteer? That's definitely a possibility. I'd get free admission and a free "event staff" shirt, but I'd be running around and missing most of the whole thing. I'd love to volunteer still, but then there's also the time commitment to think about. Classes would be finished by then. Hmm. If anyone else could give me info about this ministry, or would be interested in checking out volunteering with me, I'd appreciate feedback.


HelperMan said...

I don't know anything.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

who is this helper man?

Towropes said...

acquire the fire is a traveling conference geared toward stirring up a passion for Christ in youth. I hear it can be amazing, but also that it might not adequately emphasize the importance of the local church.