22 November, 2005

More on Scrooge later...

Light up night was crazy fun. And crazy painful. Please, allow me to explain.

Walking around in Market Square can be interesting, but also rather dubious. Mike and I were approached by a cop while we attempted to suprise the Nater. Oops, there goes our cover. I bought my first item from Starbucks. Don't worry, it was Chai Tea Latte, and it was actually a much better deal than Eat'n'Park. Gingerbread houses, random personages snapping photos, and "international holiday persons" on display are quite hilarious. Especially with such company as I was in.

Hot Dogma is totally the coolest restaurant in Pittsburgh!! Like, totally! Like, better than Spice Island Tea House!! I hope John gets a gig there, 'cos I would like to go back. Whole leaf vanilla bean tea...*dreamy sigh*...and I had bratwurst in a hotdog bun with mustard and sauerkraut on top. And those...dip sticks...pocky sticks? Quite addictive.

So, then we left for more Market Square antics. Our very large group split into many varying groups that changed constantly throughout the rest of the night. Then I think we went to the Creche, which could have been quite ethereal, but I spent a long time on the cellphone with some girl who didn't know where she was and needed to meet my sister. The choir was nice. I wish I could have let my mind wander a bit more, and ruminate upon the meaning of Christ's coming. As it were, we jumped around on a circle of marble chairs, and I'm afraid John killed his back, but he says he feels ok.

Eventually we wound up watching fireworks and moshing to christmas songs at the Point. By that time, my lower back and feet and shoulders were quite painful, and I was ready to be done. I didn't feel "christmas-y", but I rarely do anymore. It just makes me want to spend $$, and the Christmas feeling I would like to emote is much different. Perhaps you noticed my use of capital letters for christmas vs. Christmas. It's an important distinction.

The trolley ride home was sleepy. It was hard to keep my eyes open and not slobber on the kid sitting next to me. Overall, the night was a blast, and if I'm allowed to express girly emotions...I got to wear my way-cool fuzzy mint green wool hat with the plastic cherries I put under the velvet band on the brim. :-D I got to hang with Nater and some of the Pitt girls a bit more, which was fun.

Now I feel guilty, because my post is full of "I's" and "me's." I hope I have the gumption to spend some time this Christmas on serving others. Like, in a soup kitchen or something. Commercialism during christmas gives me the creeps.

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