24 November, 2005

Facebook=waste of time. Oh well...I can't sleep

The Day of Giving Thanks was not full of purposeful, intelligent thanks. Rather, I enjoyed many of the faculties that I am thankful for. I woke up, and lounged in pajamas for a bit. A shower (long and warm) was followed by reading the newspaper and discussing Friday's activities with extended family members. A trip to CVS resulted in a fantastic new toothbrush, and wonderful little devices called "waterproof knuckle bandaids." They saved me much pain as I cooked and cleaned today. A wonderful brunch followed, after which I despaired of ever eating more than cranberry sauce at the Feast. Snow gear was then sought for and applied, allowing me to romp in cold snow with my cousins for a long time while sustaining liveable body temperatures. Shortly after we returned to the house for hot chocolate and shortbread, another installment of relatives appeared, and the feast followed in short succession. My plate was very heavy by the time I tucked in (but no seconds, please). Much scraping of plates and dish washing was followed by Tripoli (a family classic) and Pumpkin Chiffon pie. THAT was the best part of the feast, once I had room. Dominoes were commenced, then a struggle of authority ensued as parents strongly admonished the "younger" set (I guess I fall in there, since I'm 20) to retire. Peace now reigns the household. I sit typing and enjoying the musical talents of friends in Indiana, PA. Insomnia has struck.

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