07 October, 2005

ATTACK Theater Part II

MMMmmmmMMMMMmmm! It's amazing how dance can arouse such visceral emotions...I'm still trying to sort through the meaning/message/purpose of "Games of Steel," but I ADORED the performance and the duet at the end between Michele de la Reza and Peter Kope was simply fantastic. No wonder they got married. She loves to dance, and he loves to watch her. But that wasn't the point of the performance, anyway :-P. Their lead singer was also phenomenal, both in her singing and her actings skills. That dance made me yearn to dance as lightly as feathers but as strongly as a bull. Jill Stifel captured this amazingly.

Men should NOT wear tight pants. At all.

I really can't describe how cool that show was... actions speak louder than words, anyway.

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