11 August, 2005

Another name?

So...my father was recently looking up my family name on the internet to show my grandma the family Tartan. Well, he came across a variant of my family name that sounded elvish, and suggested I tag it onto my elvish name. SO, I have made a big decision in the life of Laedelas Greenleaf. She now goes by the full name of (...play dramatic lead-in music...) Laedelas Cuindlir Greenleaf. Now she is somewhat related to me by name, and I am somewhat related to her. This alternative ego thing is getting much more complex than I ever planned. Oh, well...it's handy for internet communication.

OH, and I've decided that Laedelas has a romantic interest. Aww, ain't that cute! Since Glorfindel is my favorite male elf, I figure my alter ego can have a more interesting social life. Big spiders get boring after a while.

Sorry...this post wasn't interesting in the least bit. I just had to say something.

1 comment:

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

OK, ok, so I didn't "HAVE" to say anything. I just wanted to. And I could. So I did.

Glorfindel has a nice ride (i.e. his horse) :-P